Monday, August 25, 2014

August update

Too much time has elapsed since I posted an update.  I had planned to post immediately following Theo’s 1 year kidneyversary, but other items on my “to-do” list won out until now.  It’s amazing how little free time I have now between raising two kids, working, and all the other things we’re committed to.  So, please forgive me for the delay in providing you all with an update!  I’ll try to concisely recap the last 4 months:

·         Kidneyversary: Theo and his new kidney, Dubya, celebrated their one year Kidneyversary on April 25th.  While we were sorry that we couldn’t spend it with Cool Aunt Whit, Dubya’s previous caretaker, we were honored to be surrounded by some of our closest friends and Theo’s biggest cheerleaders (including a couple of his NICU nurses and our genetic counselor) one year after transplant.  It’s incredible to think how much has changed in our lives since Theo got Dubya.  We’re hoping that this is the first of many kidneyversaries for Theo and Dubya.  

Theo with two of his NICU nurses and his former nanny at his Kidneyversary party