Friday, April 22, 2016

An Update on Theo and a Great Opportunity!

Natalie and I wanted to provide an update on Theo, and invite you to be a part of something happening in Charlotte in June (

First, the update:

On April 25, Dubya (Theo's certified pre-owned kidney) will celebrate his third anniversary in Theo's belly. I've taken some time over the past few days to reflect on the changes that Dubya has brought, and the progress that Theo has made, over the past 36 months.

To be sure, 18 month olds and 4 year olds tend to have little in common with one another. In Theo's case, I think these distinctions are amplified. Dubya brought Theo energy, an appetite, an ability to grow, and a zest for life that we had only dreamed of seeing at this point in his life. In fact, his swim and soccer coaches probably wish that we could tone down the energy level for his classes, as he (like his father did at the same age) seems unable to stop having fun long enough to pay attention to what they say.

Watching his little sister grow (Nora is now 2!) gave us a new perspective, as the thought of our beautiful girl going in for major surgery at 18 months was unfathomable. With Theo, we marched right on, knowing it was the best thing for him.

Theo showed Nora around the hospital.