Monday, October 8, 2012

A very quick note of thanks!

For all of you who have prayed for Theo over the last three weeks (and well before that), I want to thank you for your faithfulness.  If you recall, I asked in the last post that you join us to pray for big things to happen in Theo's health for three weeks.   Let me tell you, your prayers have been powerful.

The day after I wrote the blog post, Theo miraculously stopped throwing up during the day.  Completely.  With only a couple of exceptions, Theo has been throw-up free during the day for the last 21 days.  He's still throwing up most mornings in the crib, but we know that God can heal that.  So, we continue to pray.

I've been emotionally overwhelmed this past week.  I learned about a baby boy who was born in April with a very similar diagnosis as Theo.   He was born big and full-term, and his mom's updates on his progress sounded very much like my own during Theo's first few months.  Sadly, he caught bacterial meningitis while in the hospital, and ended up with 75% brain damage.  He did not respond well to dialysis, so the only option was transplant.  Due to his size and the brain damage, transplant was ruled a "no-go," and his parents brought him home for the first time last week to spend a few sweet days with him until he passed away on Friday.  My heart is broken for that family, and at the same time totally overwhelmed with gratitude for how good and how faithful God has been in Theo's health.  We look at him and almost can't believe that he is not perfectly healthy.  We were prepared for the worst, yet we have a little miracle in our lives.  We are so incredibly grateful!

We head back for the next monthly clinic visit on Friday, but are not expecting any major updates or medical changes since last month.  However, since I last wrote, we are now struggling to get Theo to eat much (including formula), and REALLY struggling to introduce any new baby foods to his diet.  (Recently, Theo has nailed the trick of keeping his mouth shut anytime we put a spoon up to his mouth, so that we cannot get anything in.  How is he already so stubborn?)  And solids?  Forget about it.  The second anything non-pureed is put in his mouth, he gags.  So, for those of you looking for new prayer requests, we'd love prayer for his eating, and for us as we try to introduce some new textures and foods.  We'd also ask for continued prayer for HEALING for Theo's kidneys.  God is a healer!

We've had a great few weeks as a family.  Theo has started to "army crawl" a little bit each day, so we are getting ready for full mobility soon.  He laughs a lot, and loves to clap.  I had the day off today, and loved taking him with Nick to his "Music Together" class, where he clapped and screamed and chewed on the instruments.  We also enjoyed a walk in the unseasonably cold weather and a lot of hanging out together.  Hope you all having a great start to your week!


  1. He is just so unreasonably handsome! :) So glad he's doing so well, and I'll continue to pray for healing!

  2. I just love him in these photos. Only God knows why He allows some to live and some to die. But we can be thankful that He always knows what He is doing.