Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 25th

It's hard to believe that we are almost there.  Transplant day!  We've been preparing for transplant for almost 17 months now.

Everything seems to be on track for surgery tomorrow.  Once Theo wakes up from his nap, we will be taking him to the hospital where he will have all of his final tests run (EKG, chest x-ray, lab work, etc.) He'll have his last night of dialysis in the hospital, and will be ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning.
Super Theo and Wonder Whit! (as a friend of mine said)

Whitney will arrive at the hospital tomorrow morning at 5 am to start all the pre-op work.  Currently, her surgery is slated to begin at 8 am.  Theo's surgery will start around 8 or 8:30 am.  It's been determined that Theo will get Whitney's left kidney.  We've affectionately named it "dubya" in honor of "W"hitney.

It's amazing to hear how many people are praying for Whitney and Theo.  Thank you!  It's pretty overwhelming, actually.  We are so touched.

As my grandma said to me earlier, Whitney and Theo are both extraordinary.  And they are.  Thank you for praying for them!

Natalie and Nick

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  1. Have been thinking of y'all ALL week! Praying for Theo, Whit, the transplant team, you two, your families... we love you guys! Can't wait to celebrate a super successful transplant!