Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Field Trip to the OR

Theo and his dad in the OR prep room
Nick and I are currently sitting in the family waiting room for the OR.  It is amazing how quiet the OR floor is on a Saturday compared to a weekday.  We are the only people here.

The reason for the field trip this time is to remove Theo's tenckhoff (aka dialysis) catheter.  His peritonitis is a recurrence of the same nasty bacteria that he had before.  The recurrence could have been caused by two things: one, the bacteria may not have been adequately treated with the last round of antibiotics, or two, the bacteria may have adhered to the catheter.  In the event that the bacteria has adhered to the catheter, another round of stronger antibiotics may not be effective to eradicate the infection.  As of yesterday afternoon, we thought that we were going to try to treat the infection with 21 days of antibiotics.  However, after involving the Infectious Disease team, the consensus from the nephrologists is to be aggressive in treating the infection.  As a result, it was decided last night that Theo's catheter will be removed today.  He will be treated with antibiotics through an IV for the next couple of days, and then a new catheter will be surgically placed again early next week. During this period of time, Theo will not be on any form of dialysis.

It has not been an easy week for Theo.  Nick and I would rather not subject him to two more surgeries (after the new catheter is placed, Theo will have been through 5 surgeries in his first 8 weeks of life!), but we think that this may be the best of the two options for treatment.  Now, we will pray that today's surgery will go well, that the antibiotics will kill this bacteria once and for all, that the new catheter can be successfully placed, and that Theo can handle another period of time off of dialysis.  We will try to take it day by day!

Thanks for the prayers.  One day, we will have good news.  I'm confident of that!  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love that photo! Look how intently Theo is staring at his daddy. Theo knows how loved he is. What a special little guy. Hang in there.

  2. Hillary I completely agree with you- you can see how much he just trusts his Daddy that everything is going to be okay. God Bless you guys- reaching out our prayers especially tonight.

  3. Our prayers are with you also. We hope the surgery went well and Theo is resting comfortably. I have to say it is a wonderful picture of you both Nick and Theo. God Bless you all.

  4. Praying for you guys. Please give us an update on Theo as soon as you know something. Love the precious photo.
    Lauren and John