Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Step Closer

We have seen lots of smiles this week!  Someone is happy!
There has been very little to report over the last week.  No news, in my book, means good news.  Theo started dialysis again last Tuesday, and has been handling it very well.  His eating has suffered a bit, but that is common for pediatric dialysis patients.  On Monday, Theo transitioned to the Cycler!  We are one step closer to coming home as a result.

Nick and I started training for the Cycler on Monday.  Since dialysis is federally regulated, there is a curriculum that we must be taught.  Our first lesson covered questions such as: what is a kidney? what do kidneys do? what is peritoneal dialysis?  Let me tell you, none of this is new information to us at this point.  The practical, "hands on" training started yesterday; we learned to change the dressing on Theo's catheter (which will be done daily once he is home) and to set-up and disconnect the machine.  Over the next week, we will complete the training and will be ready to do everything on our own.

Discharge?  We can't believe it!
If training goes smoothly and Theo remains healthy, his discharge date may be next Thursday, February 23rd.  I cannot believe it.  I feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure this is not a dream.  Please pray that he will remain healthy!

We are so ready to have Theo home with us, and to be a family under one roof.  I know that we have been so fortunate to have such great care and such great people in our lives for the last three months.  But, I'm ready to bring Theo home and to show him the world outside of the NICU.

Nick has been amazing to watch over the last three months.  I am one lucky girl to get to spend the rest of my life with him, and to learn to parent alongside him.  He has an amazing ability to make Theo smile and play.  Theo seems so content when he is with his dad.  Nick also makes the NICU fun for me and for the nurses.  And, he is a great advocate for Theo.  He has been able to do all of this while working full-time at a job that he loves.  (I'm quite proud of what my dad and Nick have accomplished already.  My dad started a wealth management company a few years ago, and Nick joined him last May.  I don't think you could find two guys who love what they do more.  Check out their website at

Aunt Car and Uncle Luke are too much fun!
We still have a lot of things to figure out once Theo comes home.  While I spend most of the day, every day, at the hospital, it will be very different to be responsible 24-hours per day.  For someone who is a "planner," I am shocked by the fact that we have not even nailed down our childcare plans.  I guess I have been reluctant to work out plans until I knew Theo would be coming home.  I head back to work on Tuesday, so once Theo is home we will need to find part-time childcare.  Nick is going to be the main caregiver two days during the week (since he can work on the weekends and at night) and we plan to hire someone to come in a couple of days during the week to be with Theo.  Eventually, I would like to get Theo into a daycare, but I'm not ready yet to challenge his immune system like that.

We had another round of family in town this weekend; Uncle Luke and Aunt Car came to visit Theo!  Nick and I had such a great weekend with them, and we love seeing our families meet and spend time with Theo.  Theo is one lucky little guy to be loved by so many!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. So great to see that smiling face and that he is doing so well! I want so badly for you to be able to bring him home so we will keep praying for that day. Carly and Luke look so natural with him! We love you all and your in our hearts and prayers. Love, Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Mike