Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So happy at home!
I must admit, I love being a mom to Theo.  I have told people that with him in the NICU, I often felt like a part-time mom.  I love feeling like a full time mom now.  The last 5 days have been absolutely incredible.  We love having Theo home!!!  It feels wonderful to be able to be a family in our own apartment.  Theo has been such a joy since he was born, but especially over the last 5 days.  We are so blessed.

I think that Theo was a bit overstimulated the first day that he was home.  He wore a very serious expression as we showed him around, took him on a short walk, and let him play on his play mat.  It wasn't until we put him on his changing table to change the dressing on his catheter that he really started smiling his big, beautiful, heart-melting smile again.  I think that was the first thing that felt "normal" to him.  Since then, he has adjusted beautifully to life at home.  He smiles all the time, sleeps really well in his own crib in his room, and seems very content.  We are fortunate that he sleeps all night long -- we are indebted to his nurses!
My boys have their heads titled the same way.  I'm in love.
We've been soaking up family time since he has been home.  We spend most of the day in our apartment, but have managed to go for a walk outside each day.  (How nice is 75 degree weather in February?)  Theo loves being in the car seat, and he seems enamored with the outdoors.  We took him to meet the ducks at Freedom Park, which were somewhat interesting to him, but I think it will be more fun once he is a little older.

Theo thinks Dad is so funny!
Nick and I have enjoyed figuring out a routine that will work for us once I am back to work full time.  Unlike most new parents who bring their baby home, we have the benefit of knowing Theo really well and knowing what he likes and does not like.  Plus, we are accustomed to his feeding and sleeping schedule.  Nick is such a great dad to Theo, and it has been a treat to watch him interact with Theo without cords, monitors, or a full medical staff around.  Theo thinks his dad is funny and interesting, and Nick is obviously enjoying having an audience that appreciates his humor! :)

Theo sports his bomber jacket and knit hat
In terms of Theo's kidney failure, with the exception of his feeding struggles and medications, during the day you would never know that he is not a completely healthy 3-month old.  He does not need to be hooked up to any monitors or machines, he naps like any baby, he smiles, he plays, he likes wiggling, and he loves to be held.  By the time the evening rolls around, we start preparing for his dialysis.  We try to have him bathed, change his dressing, take his blood pressure, weigh him, and set up the Cycler by 7:30 pm so that he can start his 12-hours of dialysis.  By 7:30 or 8 pm, he is sound asleep.  Nick and I give him his final round of medications/supplements through his g-tube at 9 pm and then start his overnight feeding.  (Theo takes about half of his total feeding volume during the day, and the other half gets dripped slowly overnight.)  We wake up around 5 am to shut off the feeding pump and change his diaper, and then Theo finally wakes up for the morning around 6:30 am.  Mom and Theo snuggle for another hour or two until he is finished with dialysis for the night.  (I LOVE that part of the day!)  Then, we take another blood pressure and weight before we play, eat, walk, and just enjoy each other all day.  I am a very happy girl.

Guess who loves bath and naked time?  
I have taken about 200 photos in the last 5 days.  I picked several (ok, there are a lot!) to share of Theo's first few days at home.  Thanks for thinking of us.  We can't wait to introduce Theo to you in person one day!

Out for a walk

Tummy time!  Theo has some work to do since he couldn't do any tummy time until a couple of weeks ago, so we are practicing!

Another walk at Freedom Park

Thanks to all of Theo's nurses, doctors and staff!


  1. I love that Theo perked up on the changing table! That was always my favorite time with my girls -- something about having our faces so close together, I think. And I'm SO glad there is finally someone around to laugh at all of Nick's jokes. He's been missing that ever since he outgrew My Buddy. :)

  2. What a handsome and happy looking boy! I am so pleased that you are home with him and can finally feel like somewhat normal new parents. I am praying for you!

  3. I hope that things are still going well with Theo being home. He is just so adorable. We were so thrilled to hear that he was home. Our family continues to have him in our prayers. We will all be so glad when he can receive a new kidney some day. You are doing a great job. BETH Jordan