Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10th

Dubya, Theo's transplanted kidney, seems to be WORKING.  Seriously, praise God... for all of the answered prayers, for getting Theo (and us) to this point, and for reminding us that it is an absolute miracle that Theo may be able to live a more full life with Cool Aunt Whit's kidney.

We were encouraged first on Friday, when Theo's labs started to look a little bit better.  Still, there were some conflicting signs (his creatine was down while his BUN was up, when typically they move in the same direction), so we were anxiously awaiting Theo's lab results this morning.  While his numbers are still not perfect, his creatinine has dropped to 0.85 (a normal adult level, but a little bit high for a kid), and his BUN also dropped.  I can't explain how thrilled, or how overwhelmed, we feel.  We've been patiently waiting for this day for several weeks, and we are so thankful to get to it without another setback.

We continue to pray that Theo's kidney function will improve even more, so that Dubya will last him a very long time.  The better his labs look now, the more likely the kidney will survive longer.  Typically, transplanted kidneys only last 10-15 years, at which point the recipient needs another transplant, but we are hoping that Dubya will power Theo significantly longer.
His shirt reads: I have 3 Kidneys.  KAPOW!!! What's your superpower?

As you can imagine, we feel like our blessings are overflowing right now.  I'm cautious, too, though, as Theo has had several "good news days" followed by less-than-stellar developments.  Still, we are thankful for being where we are right now.  It's been clear to us over the past few days that Theo's kidney must be working because his energy level has been ridiculously high, he's started to drink out of a sippy cup again (for the first time since December), and his physical development has been remarkable.  Two weeks ago I thought it would be months before he started crawling again, yet now he is crawling, rolling over, pulling up, and holding onto our hands and walking.  Theo is a miracle.

We are thrilled to share this positive news with all of our faithful prayer partners and friends.  Thank you for walking alongside of us as we've waited for this good news!


  1. Awesome! So happy for you! and you! and you!

  2. Hello & hugs to you all from Terry Lett at The Common Market! What an amazing little man THEO is!
    I am so thrilled that you have created this blog to keep everyone in the loop on his progress. The day will come when you all will stroll into the store and I can hug each of you in person. Until we meet again please know that you are in my thoughts and prayer.

  3. What great news! Praise the Lord! We will keep praying for a fully functioning kidney, and that it will last many, many years.

  4. God is good! Yay Dubya! Go Theo!