Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday update - June 22nd

Pushing his feeding pump around
Just a very quick post tonight: Theo's labs on Thursday were unchanged from Wednesday, which was not bad news or great news.  He was given Friday off from labs (a very welcome day without a trip to the hospital for us), and then went back this morning for another lab draw.

We're happy to report that Theo's creatinine has trended down slightly since Thursday.  It's not as big of an improvement as we'd like (his creatinine is 0.72), but it is headed in the right direction, and it is MUCH better than the 1.2 level earlier in the week.  I'm pretty sure that 0.72 is the best level that he has had since the hematoma caused the acute kidney failure on May 15th.

We're thankful.  We're hopeful.  We love Theo so much, and are having a great time with him at home (teething and all).

Next labs will be Monday morning.  We hope to have nothing but good news to report from this point on.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for loving Theo!


  1. We DO love Theo--& we love getting updates from his wonderfully persevering & faithful mom & dad. You three are inspiring--& in our prayers! Dick & Sherry

  2. Thanks for the update we continue to pray for him....