Friday, December 16, 2011

Theo's First Photo Shoot

For some unknown reason, Natalie has decided to give me free reign as a guest author on her blog. I've gladly accepted the offer, though one thing I promise is that my pontificating won't come close to her far more refined, intelligent style.
In all fairness, she has simply asked me to post some of the photos that were taken of Theo late last week. We've chosen a few of our favorites, and we'd like to share them with you. My sister, Hillary, took the pictures. You'll quickly note that she is quite an excellent (albeit amateur) photographer. You can see all of the photos at this link, but we'll highlight a few of our favorites down below.

Thanks again for the continued support of friends and family. Our bellies are full of delicious food, and our refrigerator remains well stocked. We're well rested and I've been able to get work done both at the hospital and at the home office.

Many have asked how they can help us during this time. We are feeling quite well. I'm continually impressed by Natalie and her amazing attitude. While both of us want nothing more than to have our Theo come home with us, we know that he is in great hands, and we're thankful for the blessing he is in our lives.

For those that are interested, I recommend giving to the Pediatric Nephrology fund through Carolinas HealthCare. You can give a gift honoring Theo if you'd like. The care we have received here has truly been world class, and Charlotte is fortunate to have a children's hospital as excellent as Levine's in our own backyard. Although our community lacked a top notch children's hospital until relatively recently, we have been entirely impressed with the staff of Drs., nurses, and support here. It's highly likely that had we been in this situation only 5 years ago, we would have had to travel far for great care; now we have it just a couple of miles from our home.

And now...without further ado...some of our favorite photos of Theo...


  1. Picture #7 brought tears to my eyes :) So sweet

  2. Yep, #7 is my favorite too. It's so clear how much you love Theo. He's a blessed little boy.

  3. These pictures are amazing! What a blessing they will be to look back on - he is SO incredibly handsome!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these precious photos of Theo. Our family, here in Gig Harbor, Washington are praying for Theo each day and watching his progress.