Friday, December 2, 2011

Two great days!

Theo has had two great days of progress!  Yesterday, the doctors were very pleased with the status of his lungs.  In fact, Theo was breathing so well that the doctors would have removed the respirator had he not been scheduled for two surgeries today.  He also lost weight -- he weighed 7 lbs 8 oz when born, but two days afterwards had climbed to 7 lbs 14 oz because he was retaining too much fluid.  For whatever reason, his body started working more efficiently to process urine, and by yesterday he weighed 7 lbs 4 oz... right in line with a normal weight loss for a newborn.  The nurses have started to treat him more like a full-term baby, and bundled him up in a swaddle.  His medications have been reduced significantly; he was taken off a lot of the pain medicine and sedation medicines.
One proud dad!

Today was a big day for our little guy.  Nick and I spent a few hours with him in the morning before he was transported for surgery.  We loved his nurse today.  When she found out that we had not held him yet, she immediately helped me to pick him up and hold him for a while before we put him into the cart to be transported to the OR.  Nick also held him.  I honestly don't remember being happier in my life.  Holding him felt so incredible.

Neither Nick nor I were nervous for his surgeries.  It has been amazing how peaceful we have felt throughout the entire process.  Yes, we are emotional.  Sometimes I burst into tears with very little prompting.  But, I am not worried or stressed out.  Nick is amazing to watch.  He loves our little boy so much.

Ok, so now for today's news.  Theo had two surgeries scheduled.  During the first, the urologist went to find the cause of the bladder obstruction.  All went fine during that, but the doctor could not find a true cause for the obstruction.  Either way, we know the kidneys are damaged and will likely require dialysis in the near term.  But, Theo held up very well during the process.  The second surgery involved the placement of the catheter (called a Tenckhoff) by the surgeon for peritoneal dialysis.  The surgery went without flaw... and we anticipate that the nephrologists will not start dialysis for a number of days, which will give the catheter time to heal.  It is a bit strange to see a big tube inserted into Theo's abdomen.  It is going to stay there as long as he needs dialysis, which could be until the time he can receive a kidney transplant.  I told Nick it was a bit sad to see, but he assured me that all guys would love to have wires going into their bodies.  He tells me it is very cool -- and that he looks like a Super Hero!
Don't let the red dye scare you!  I wanted to show off our little Super Hero!
Theo's recovery went very well.  Nick and I were able to spend several hours with him, and he looks great.  His color is great, he is very peaceful, and he is breathing well.  He was doing so well that the doctors decided to take him off the respirator (no more tube in his throat!) and to remove the chest tube.  They hope to start feeding him breast milk in the next day or two.  He should also lose the catheter into his bladder and the line into his artery in the next day or two.  All in all, his progress is very promising and we are so thrilled to see him without so many tubes, wires and machines!  We were also able to change his diaper, take his temperature, and just do some "normal" newborn things with him.  Today was a blessing.
Goodbye, breathing tube!  

Thanks for all the emails, words of encouragement, and prayers!  Theo does have an army of people praying for him all over the country, and we could not be more thankful.


  1. Thank you for posting, Nat! I know that blogs can be a chore to keep up with, but what a great way to keep all of Theo's fans up to date.

    You two and Theo are a blessing and an encouragement and a fantastic example to us all.

  2. We LOVE all three of you and are praying for you everyday! We cannot wait to meet Theo....he is pretty much the cutest thing ever!

  3. This was a great update- I am sitting here again in tears that God is watching out for all of you! Praise Him for his faithfulness to you three and the peace that he continues to wrap around you! I would LOVE to call you soon!! I just don't want to overwhelm you!! xo

  4. Natalie and Nick-
    Theo is beautiful! Jones and I are looking at pics of Theo together right now and Jones thinks Theo DOES look like a Super Hero too! :) We are praying for you all and cannot wait for the day when we can meet your sweet boy.
    Lots of love-
    Lauren, John and Jones

  5. Natalie, he is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! We are all thinking of you.


  6. Nat, Nick and Theo,
    You are all three in our thoughts and prayers. We know so well the pain of having a sick baby. Yet, we also know that these little miracles brought to us by God, can turn into incredible, loving, healthy ADULTS full of God's grace. Miracles do happen! He is adorable! The Centerwall Family

  7. Wow! Speechless! Tears of joy fill my soul for God's hand of miraculous wonder in baby Theo's life. Beauty! Grace! Uncommon favor. Healing! God is at work some more. God's glory shines on you all; Nat, Nick and baby Theo. More Grace. Grace and prayers abound! FAITH. HOPE. LOVE. MIRACLES. My best regards, Deborah Zeller (Lorie Raymone's friend) Note: my friends and I have baby Theo covered in our prayers. Smiles. I BELIEVE!

  8. Couldn't sleep and found you had a new addition to Theo's story when I checked email. Natalie you look so beautiful holding him and it looks like he just melts into Nick's shoulder. He is such a little angel. I'm so sorry he's been suffering with his little tummy and the peritonitis. And I'm sorry it delays him from coming home just yet. That's my wish for the New Year besides staying healthy until he gets his kidney.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Happy New Year to you all. I know God will bless us all in the New Year with a special hand on Theo and all the angels he can send!
    We love you all sweetie. Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Mike, Matt & Molly (Chris told me he's keeping up with you too.)