Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday update - May 10th

Three studs.  No ventilators.
After an 8 day stint, Theo is now off the ventilator!  It's so nice to see his full face again.   

We are feeling really encouraged.  I was able to sit and hold him today for a couple of hours, and it felt so good.  Theo has become more and more alert as the day has gone by, too.  Tonight we read "Pat the Bunny," and he patted the bunny, he played Peek-a-Boo with Paul, and he read Judy's book.  We see more and more of our Theo every hour.

It feels like we are making progress on the medical front, too.  In addition to the ventilator, the NG tube and the foley catheter were taken out today.  We like seeing lines and cords come off.

At this stage, we are still watching Theo's blood pressure (on the low side) and temperature (on the high side) closely and we are waiting for his bowels to start working (again).  It will probably be a few days before Theo is breathing room air again, but so far he is doing great with a high-flow cannula.    

Theo is a trooper, but I know he has a whole army of people behind him.  Theo is evidence that prayer is powerful.  What fun it is for me to share positive news with you all!  Have a great weekend!

Reading "Pat the Bunny"

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