Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday update - May 24th

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Theo, Aunt Hil, Grandpa and Harold the helicopter
Theo's had a good few days.  He is doing really well off the ventilator, he is more active and awake, and his belly looks much better.  As icing on the cake, he's been spoiled by my twin sister for three full days of loving, and he is still enjoying quality time with my Dad.

It's been fun to watch Theo get interested in toys and books again.  Hilary, my twin, brought him a toy helicopter named Harold, and he is enamored with it.  He finally moved both hands from under his head on Wednesday and held Harold in one hand while he used the other one to spin the blades.  When I tried to take it away from him at almost midnight, he cried.  He's ended up cuddling with Harold since then.

Theo enjoying his ultrasound

There's not much new to report on the medical front.  His bowels are functioning well, he's responding well to the medications they use for withdrawal, his blood pressure looks good, he gets daily dialysis to help filter the toxins out of his blood, and he seems comfortable.  He's still in the PICU today, though, because of a few complications from dialysis yesterday (low blood pressure, a little bit of clotting, some blood loss, slight fever, etc.)  He's had a busy day today with more dialysis (including a blood transfusion), a renogram (a "nuclear medicine" imaging series to look at his kidney) and a kidney ultrasound.  He handles all the tests, the poking and prodding, and the constant stream of doctors and nurses like a champ.  I'm very proud of him.  Hopefully we'll hear only good news soon from all of the tests.
The champ and Dad during his renogram

We're still praying for a functioning kidney!  Come on Dubya!!!

Many thanks for all the prayers that are being said and all the support that we continue to receive. We initially anticipated that this whole transplant process would feel like a sprint, but it has turned into a marathon.  We're so thankful that we have such a strong support group.

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

Family lovin' (a few days ago)

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