Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday update - May 16th

Thursday's update:
It was another tough day.  First, good news: the kidney biopsy shows no signs of acute rejection, which is a blessing.  There was some evidence of an allergic reaction to something (perhaps one of his antibiotics), but nothing that would cause the kidney to fail.  The less-than-stellar news is that Theo's transplanted kidney, Dubya, does not seem to be working very well.  His creatinine climbed again overnight, so he is in kidney failure.  The doctors think that now the hematoma has been removed, which was putting immense pressure on Dubya, the kidney will likely recover.  But it's a matter of time.  Tomorrow they will probably start hemodialysis until Dubya is recovered.

In addition to kidney concerns, Theo is still dealing with high fevers and low hemoglobin.  The fevers remain a mystery still, and are frustrating all of us.  None of his cultures have grown anything, so it's not clear what is causing them.  For his hemoglobin issues, Theo just finished another blood transfusion to bring his hemoglobin back up.  One main reason for falling hemoglobin is bleeding.  We're all hoping that his body is simply oozing after yesterday's surgery, and it will soon stop and be reabsorbed.  If his hemoglobin continues to drop, there may be more significant internal bleeding that would require intervention again.

Theo's belly is massively swollen again, and he's not comfortable.  We are having a really hard time watching him suffer so much.  Really hard.

Nick and I both feel like Theo needs a miracle at this point.  There are so many issues that he is facing.  He is tough, and he is a trooper, but he's been through a lot already.  So, please join us in praying for a miracle.

Theo's nephrologist decided that she needed to make a name change for him in order to get things moving in the right direction.  So, Theo is now known to her as Bruce.  Bruce is Theo's middle name, and is from my grandpa, E. Bruce.  It's quite the namesake: My grandpa has survived World War II, lightning strikes, plane crashes, and 5 kids, so we are believing that T. Bruce stands a good chance.

No matter what happens, we know that God is good.  All the time.  But we're hoping that we'll get more time at the park, out on walks, and snuggled up at home with Theo.  Thanks for praying with us!


  1. agreement with you. We Love you guys...all 3 of you!
    ~adam & amanda

  2. Hi Natalie and Nick,
    I am a friend of Whitney's from college. Just wanted to let you know there are prayers coming from Baltimore for Theo. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this has been. Just wanted to let you know there are people you don't even know captivated by how adorable your little Theo is and praying for him to recover.
    Take care,

  3. Praying for you all and looking for the miracle. Love you guys!