Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guess what?!?

This morning after rounds, the surgeon came in to take out a drain that Theo had placed in his stomach last week.  When he peeled back the blankets, he saw one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.


I sent a picture to my family, but I will spare all of you the image.  Just picture one of the most beautiful things you could imagine, and that is what it looked like.

Theo's timing was perfect, too.  He did his job right before Cool Aunt Whit left for the airport.  She agrees with me that it was the most perfect parting gift he could have given.

You wouldn't believe the atmosphere in his room this morning.  Nick, Whitney and I were all crying.  The x-ray technician (who we have known since the NICU) came in for x-rays right as he was getting cleaned up, and she even started crying.

So thankful for the answered prayers!  We were praying for a diaper so big that his bed needed to be changed, and that is what we got.  There's still a long way to go, but this is such a positive development.

One new thing on the radar: Theo's kidney function was a bit worse again overnight, so they may do a biopsy to test for rejection.  (Rejection is not abnormal, and can typically be treated by adjusting medications.)  One of the immunosuppressants that Theo is supposed to get by mouth has had to be given by IV over the last couple of weeks given all of his issues, so the lab result is different than if he were given it by mouth, and its hard to know from the result if he is being given too large of a dose.  If the dose is too high, it can impede kidney function.  Depending on the lab result today, they may go in and do a biopsy (does not require a trip to the OR - it is a needle stick done by a radiologist) to see if medications need to be adjusted.

Anyway, I had to share the AMAZING news.  God answered our prayers in a big way!  I hope you all celebrate with us!


  1. That is the best news EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Way to go Theo!

  2. Totally started cheering and telling everyone around me.... not sure why they didn't understand why I was so excited about a poopy diaper?! ;) WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! Praying he just keeps getting better now so he can go HOME with you soon!