Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday update - May 12th

Waving and smiling all day
It was a great Mother's Day for me.  Theo has made so much progress, and it was a blast to spend time with him and Nick today.  We spent a lot of time smiling, waving, giving "knucks," reading, and looking at each other.  Nick and I both held Theo today, too, which was good for all three of us.

It sounds overdramatic given how well Theo is doing now, but a little under a week ago, Nick and I were not sure that Theo would be around for Mother's Day.  We continued to hope for his healing and believed that God is in control, but we had some questions about what him being in control looked like.    Seeing Theo now is a miracle.  I wish I could capture how drastic his change has been in writing or in pictures, but I'm not that gifted as a writer or a photographer.  As one of my sisters put it, "Theo reemerging is the most gorgeous thing!"

Theo will likely stay in the PICU for another couple of days as he gets weaned off some drugs and other drugs are transitioned from IV to oral.  (For context, at any given time Theo has 10 medications being pumped into his veins, in addition to other medications that are pushed in at various times.  Those numbers need to decline in order to move out of intensive care.)  He is now breathing room air, and has had no problems at all with his lungs.  His temperature increased a bit today again, though, so they are still trying to figure out what is causing the fever.  He has started receiving some nutrition in his stomach, and the focus from now until discharge will be on making sure he can tolerate his full feeds and medications.

We love watching Theo heal and recover.  We are hopeful that the upcoming updates will be as positive as all of your prayers.  Thank you for being part of this with us!

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